Ancient Magnesium Oil Ultra

200ml 20 sprays contain approx.300mg elemental magnesium and 396mg. OptiMSM Vegan Ancient Magnesium Oil Ultra with OptiMSM® is a high-strength spray with magnesium chloride from the pristine ancient Zechstein seabed. Spray onto the skin and massage in for fast and … Continued

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Brain Recharge
Mental performance brain supplement PLUS energy and immunity support
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60 Capsules Night time blend with herbals, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Summary Night time blend With herbals With amino acids With vitamins and minerals Reduction of tiredness and fatigue Immune system Mental performance Energy-yielding metabolism Nervous system Skin Suitable … Continued

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Beetroot and cherry PLUS nutritive allies – ENERGY AND IMMUNITY SUPPORT
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MICO REI (REISHI EXTRACT) CAPSULES £64.90 Mico Rei is the food supplement with the highest concentration of active ingredients from Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum),”the mushroom of eternal youth”. Mico Rei Reishi extract is a highly concentrated encapsulated food supplement. It contains only … Continued

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Reishi Mushroom Extract (Liquid)

60ml food supplement Dual extracted    Full fruiting body   Wood  Grown Known as the “Mushroom of Immortality”, Reishi mushrooms are known for their powerful immune-boosting properties and ability to improve overall health and well-being Our exceptional formula is a rich … Continued

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