Bien Etre Magnesium Lotion


A quick absorbing blend of Coconut oil and Shea butter enriched with the vital mineral Magnesium. An excellent method to increase and boost your Magnesium levels. A naturally soothing, calming and hydrating rich everyday body lotion.


Boost your magnesium with our Bien Etre lotion that has many therapeutic benefits; ie relaxation, skin health and skeletal strength. Use before bed to improve quality of sleep, can be applied day and night will resist fatigue for longer and will better repair itself.

Dermatologically tested Bien Etre Magnesium has been specially formulated to Boost your magnesium level through your bloodstream while remaining gentle on the most sensitive of skin.

The formulation contains 100% natural ingredients, avoid broken skin & oral ingestion Pure transdermal mineral spray, specially formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin

Dermatologically tested
Faster mineral absorption than tablets
Promotes relaxation and wellbeing
Relives muscle tension
Aids skeletal strength and skin health