PHENOfiit Metabolic Optimiser


Polyphenol Extracts + Green Coffee Antioxidants Provide Stimulant-free Support for Optimised Metabolic Function and Body Composition

Polyphenols constitute a group of bioactive compounds that are abundant in the Botanical kingdom. The biological effects of polyphenols have been largely attributed to their high antioxidant properties. In addition, recent data suggest that polyphenols can exert modulatory actions in cells by interacting with the cell signaling machinery. Thus, a number of polyphenols can affect the formation of fatty tissue and promote energy homeostasis in the body.

PHENOfiit contains two novel ingredients Fiit-ns® + GBC70™ that have been clinically studied to assist in energy metabolism and fat oxidation.

Fiit-ns®– is a unique combination of botanicals from fruit and vegetables and vitamin B3 to counter a lack of vitality. Extracted from grapefruit, grape, green tea, guarana and black carrot, Fiit-ns® contains a spectrum of bio actives able to provide a smooth feeling of prolonged energy and vitality.

Fiit-ns® delivers benefits from the combination of those polyphenols and natural caffeine from selected fruit & vegetable extracts. Fiit-ns® is clinically proven to promote better Quality of Life: enhanced with vitamin B3, Fiit-ns® increases the feeling of energy while reducing tiredness engendered by active lifestyles.

GBC70™ contains the highest CGA [Chlorogenic Acid] concentration found in any Green Coffee Bean Extract. CGA is a unique antioxidant that works on multiple pathways in the body, from affecting glucose uptake in the gut to promoting glucose utilisation in muscle cells. CGA’s multiple metabolic effects ultimately help to:

• Support healthy weight management*

• Maintain healthy blood glucose levels*

• Promote balanced appetite*

Those tangible benefits have been examined in numerous method-of-action animal and laboratory studies. Researchers have found that CGA is able to:

• Affect enzyme pathways in the gut, to support balanced glucose uptake*

• Promote balanced gluconeogenesis, [burning of fat] in the liver*

• Support healthy glucose transport into muscle cells, promoting healthy conversion of glucose into energy*